Friday, July 11, 2008

Ukraine round 2

I went back to the Ukraine to take photographs at an orphan summer camp in Kerch, Ukraine. The kids were from orphanages in Kharkov, Ukraine. We did just about everything you would do in any summer camp, except this was in the Ukraine and i had no idea what anyone was saying unless i had a translator near me. Which wasnt that often. So most of time i had no idea what was going on, i had no idea how to play the games and could only pronounce some of the kids name. I met a lot of amazing new people and  hung out some the people i met last year also! I had an amazing time with the kids and counselors(who did their best to keep the kids from gettin too crazy). I tried to put the photos in order the best i could but to down size 2 weeks worth of photos is hard and time consuming. So i did the best i could to include most of the things we did at the camp. To put it in simple words.... The camp was rad and amazing and i cant wait to back this winter for a winter camp that is taking place in Karkov, Ukraine.

I really didnt have much time to do this update cause a week after i got back from the trip i moved out to New York City and have been super busy ever since i got here. So the captions might be misspelled and lame and what not but its because i had to hurry, so im sorry but not really. Enjoy. 
Photos from NYC coming soon...... i think

Once i flew in Kiev we walked around a little bit before we caught a night train to Kharkov
they drive all over the sidewalks and stuff, its awesome

off to Kharkov

We went to an orphanage in Kharkov
Genya is awesome on the swingage
Slava and the girls are laughing at me, i dont understand russian so i just laughed with them

girls doin girl stuff
i stayed at my friend Vera's house when we were in Kharkov and this was her neice. Her house and parents was so rad!
embarking on the long train ride from Kharkov to Kerch
some of the kids were on the train by me, it was an open car 
this is Ruslan(sp?), hes got a shiner(he got punched in the face), he said his friend did it, and i said must have a been a good friend and he didnt understand me at all. I love this kid, he was awesome
had to swtich trains early the next morning for another long train ride


games games and more games

we sang a lot, well i cant say "we"........"they" sang a lot, i have no idea what the word were

everywhere i went it was Jeeeb(thats how they pernouce my name, with some xtra eeeee's" and they'd say, "photograph"  with their russian accent and act like they were take a picture so i would understand, it was awesome

some more singing, check the words on the boards. good luck reading then, unless you can read russian, than no good luck to you
The counselors did dramas everynight
kids did puppets shows sometimes
a little shirt paint never hurt no one, i even painted one, yayaaa

that one isnt mine- p.s   my sucked, im not very good at all at painting anything

shes not thinking outside the box is she
we jump roped

this little girl's name is Katya, she is awesome and bossy haha real bossy, 
my little homies. i was on  the orange team with the little dudes
little dude from the train photo with the shiner, Ruslan
Boys day, we had a huge water balloon fight. A dangerous one. wait to see the photos down a "lil" bit

they tried to pose...... his exploded haha
filling all these up took like 45 minuters

no I in team
the balloon fight was so dangerous we painted our faces..... yes "we" i got my face painted to 

the balloons go soooo fast, like if this was in the states there is no way you would be able to a water balloon fight like this
Trey day got hit
warrior status

ouch sonnn

Girls day was safer, i hung with them, they did make up and hair, i didnt really kick with them but probably should of after seeing the marks of people the got hit by the balloons, next year i kickin with the girls

maybe a little danger here

but not here
This Vera, i statyed at her house back in Karkov, this is bossy Katya

the gangstas and Vera

This is one of the ladies that runs the orpahage

double jump rope.....forget about it

the grown up team
we went to the beach a lot! it was good, i got thrown in once with my cloths on. it was good, i didnt mind

forget the sea it pool time

Vanya and Mouse, 2 of my little homies
this is mouse....real name is Valerra(sp) i tried to steal him but the airport security said no. This kid was awesome
little bible study on the beach

superman stopped by

we al had our own groups we were in and did arts andcrafts and bible studys and what not

hahaha this is Vanya, picking his nose, i miss my little homies

handed out bible to them all

everynight we would go and talk and pray with the kids before bed

orange fo liiiiife

Camp is ooovvvvverrrr. i miss everyone, i miss camp it was awesome
went around site seeing in kerch before heading back to Kiev

went into this russian orthodox church

train back to Kiev
cool little girl on the trian
walked around Kiev solo style on the last day until i found some skaters to shredd with, didnt take me too long to find some