Monday, September 22, 2008

San Francisco

SF 1 (no comment)
SF 2
Little skate mission to Richmond, the beach, and fort miley. Watch as the scenery changes throughout the mission. Its one of my favorite things about this city
SF 4Little skate action while wating for the bus per usual
SF 6
SF 7About a 30 minute bus ride to bomb a hill into the ocean. ( probably the stupidest thing to do is try to take photos while bombing a hill. i dont recommend it at all, i almost died)
SF 8 hahaha
SF 9
yeah ocean
SF 10 yeah fog clearing up after a little lunch
SF 11
going camping
SF 12
ran into this place. James- pivot fakie
SF 13
James- back tail
SF 15
Get tired of the city? just come here
SF 16
SF 15(2)
Taylor- Ollie
SF 17
SF 18
View before skating back to the city
SF 23
Ride the bus out there and then skate back. Bomb hills walk a little then bomb some more and then walk a little more
This is the part where you dont have to walk much more....... this is the good part that makes walking up the hills well worth it
SF 25
SF (2)
Mr. Paul Whitworth came to town for the weekend
SF (1) yeahh Paul!
SF Got some slices before a little shredd sesh
SF (3)
The dude leaning out the window on the top right yelling to someone on the street was awesome.
SF (4)
some more bus waiting maddness
SF (12)
a little walking.......
SF (10)
.....equals ........
sf bw2a little skating.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

San Francisco

Just moved out to SF a week ago with James Capps and Taylor Crandall. Its a rad city with tons to skate! Still tryin to learn my way around and find a job (which sucks). Heres a few photos from the past week. More coming soon!

SF 1Nice view to wake up to every morning
James-SF-ollie(edited-resozed) James- Ollie
Taylor-SF-b-s flip(edited-resized))Taylor- backside flip
James-SF-kickflip (edited2-cropped22)James-kickflip
SF 18
SF 4
James-SF- 5-0(edited2) old name; James Capps....... new name; James Malto
SF 13 love tap
SF 11
SF 14 Katrina......or Ike
SF 2 The apt
SF 3
SF 15
SF 5
SF 8

Friday, September 12, 2008

A week in Boise

I spent a week in Boise between the NY to SF move. Kicked it with homies and family, celebrated the nephews b-days, skated a little, relaxed. It was good.

Im now in SF and will have some photos up soon.

boise Spent a most of my time in Boise at this place..... the shop of shops.,,,, Prestige baby!!!! Greg and Paul know what their doin
boise (1)
boise (3)Birfday party! Both my nephews turn 5! yeaaaaya. this is Kaiden's little parrrtay
family 6 Maddox just kicks it all the time..... and never stops eating
family 7
family 11
family 8 me sister tryin to keep the kids in line
family 9 Brothers and me ma
family 10 Yeaaaya
family 13 My niece Kenzi.....
family 15...... awesome..... and missing a tooth
family 17the nephews with golf clubs........ danger zone
family 18 (1) Me old man. Big Jeb and handle bar mustache
family 19 Me Ma and me neice Kenzi (minus 1 tooth)
family 20Caeson's first soccer game of the year..... thats him kickin the ball.... hes got a perfect stance
family 21Birfday pizza party
family 22 Yesssss
family 23