Friday, September 12, 2008

A week in Boise

I spent a week in Boise between the NY to SF move. Kicked it with homies and family, celebrated the nephews b-days, skated a little, relaxed. It was good.

Im now in SF and will have some photos up soon.

boise Spent a most of my time in Boise at this place..... the shop of shops.,,,, Prestige baby!!!! Greg and Paul know what their doin
boise (1)
boise (3)Birfday party! Both my nephews turn 5! yeaaaaya. this is Kaiden's little parrrtay
family 6 Maddox just kicks it all the time..... and never stops eating
family 7
family 11
family 8 me sister tryin to keep the kids in line
family 9 Brothers and me ma
family 10 Yeaaaya
family 13 My niece Kenzi.....
family 15...... awesome..... and missing a tooth
family 17the nephews with golf clubs........ danger zone
family 18 (1) Me old man. Big Jeb and handle bar mustache
family 19 Me Ma and me neice Kenzi (minus 1 tooth)
family 20Caeson's first soccer game of the year..... thats him kickin the ball.... hes got a perfect stance
family 21Birfday pizza party
family 22 Yesssss
family 23

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