Sunday, May 3, 2009

James Capps!

James came out for ten days in April. The weather wasnt all that awesome while he was here but we made it work. Only really took two actually skate photos and it was at one spot so not very productive on that part but we had a good time! Hes claiming to come back in a few months so we'll see. James your awesome! and Happy Birthday old man!

James_nyc_ollie Ollie

James_nyc_bs180 Backside 180

James_NYC (4) Yeahhh Boise! Greg and Paul!! shirts are rad! you guys are awesome!

James_NYC (5) We went to this spot in Harlem and these little dudes were showing us how to shredd. Chase was blown away. Speahless and confused. look at him

feebs james was gettin his feeble on

James_NYC (8) then carter and james took turns doing 50 50 indy grabs.

James_NYC (7)

crew_crusin (1)


James_NYC (11)skated down and walked threw central park a little bit

James_NYC (16)

James_NYC (15)

James_NYC (17)

James_NYC (20) another day of shreddin around. Ran into Peter(dude on the bike) while skating. Peters dope! he was nice enough to give carter a little ride

James_NYC (18)

James_NYC (23) New York has the ill curbs you can grind when you feel the need. Carter with a little 5050/ scare some girls

James_NYC (24) James with little back disaster

James_NYC (25)

James_NYC (27)

James_NYC (28)

James_NYC (31) bk banks

James_NYC (30) carter with the throw down

James_NYC (32) chase gots the ill wall rides

James_NYC (33)

James_NYC (35)
Tired to skate the 3 stair grinder on wall st but wasnt the best time as you can see

James_NYC (36) carter managed to get a tailslide

James_NYC (38) then we took a cab back to the hood for some happy hour margaritas! yeaaaya

James_NYC (40)

James_NYC (41) little bk sesh. carter ollie into bank

James_NYC (43)

James_NYC (44)

Film section of the "James" post

We skated the ledge by KCDC for a little bit before the rain came









James Capps! see you in a few months homes!