Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

The ol swimming hole...

Upstate New York. Hot summer day...
During a relaxing get away from the city i went to this "swimming hole" (which turn out to be an actually hole! usually people say, "swimming hole" and its just a place where people swim and there is no actual hole.) At this "swimming hole" i came to meet and be around some interesting people. Most of them young and all drinking. Which is fine and normal. One kid (who turned out to be not a kid and almost thirty) even offered me shots of jeager mixed with monster energy drink, as he handed them out to his cousin and friends...and then continued asking me several more times while i was there. As nice of a person he was, i denied his offer... every time. But then i thought about the curvy narrow roads in the middle of nowhere that i drove on to get to this wonderful place. And how him, and others like him, are going to drive home....after drinking all that jeager and monster energy drink... some swervey and fast driving i'm guessing. Sounds dangerous. Hope everyone got home in one peice....

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