Thursday, October 9, 2008

Had a few friends roll threw town this past week. Had Carter come for a week from New York, Mike from Arizona stopped by and Rachael and Cathy that i met in New Zealand earlier this year stopped by for a few days also. I started a new job so iv been slackin on the photo front but here is a few

SF (35) Carter showed up one foggy morning
SF 2 Mike stopped by and said what up
SF (2)
SF (3) Cathy and Rachel stayed the night a few nights then headed to LA . It was like 6 people in our little studio for a few days
SF (4)
Carter ate all the corn pops
SF (5)Taylor gripped up a new board per usual
Taylor-smith Then Taylor shredded the new board per usual
SF (6)
Carter and i had a little feild trip to the place we always go when someone comes to town, fort miley
SF (7)crook
SF (9)
Carter can be seen here wearing the "un-necessarily sick " Prestige Skateshop signature sunglasses. Yeah Prestige
SF (12) Then we stopped by this little set
SF (11) back tail
SF (13)
then we shredded the hill like we did in all the other posts....... i need to bomb new hills i think
another day, another misson. Carter, Taylor, James and Charlie and i rolled to the ditch spot to set up shop for a few hours
SF (17)Charlie with the camera bag and Carter with the bag full of cold ones
SF (18)
nice little cutty spot
SF (19)
SF (23)
SF (20) This is wear i made everyone do backtails.
SF (22)
SF (21)
Charlie pumpin around. Dude is so sick! Skates super good. I wish i would have got some skate photos of him but my camera died a little after we got to the spot. But ill get some photos if this dude shreddin up on here soon
SF (24)
Carter, after the back tail, went straight into a cold one
SF (25)
Then the strangest thing happend. A gang of fixed gear dudes showed at the spot to shred i guess........ it was strange........ sickkkk wheelie though..........
SF (26) Taylor not a happy camper
SF (27)
Taylor made the gang leave
SF (28)
Yeahhh Charlie!
SF (29)
Yeahhh James front blunt!
SF (30)
Yeahhhh Charlie with the ill push!
SF (31)James filmin a line
SF (32) Carter stoke on the line..... Charlie filming while sippin a cold one..... yeah hes that good
SF (34) this is what James's back looks like at the end of everyday. Kid puts in work sonn
SF (33)
Carter still sitting on the curb not skating per usual....hes so lazy i think he sat there the whole session....... i wonder whos board is next to his in all these photos?.......
Carter ended this trip proper, vato style. Yeahhhhh Carter