Sunday, August 24, 2008


Photos of my time here in the city.

Carter Crook NYC(resized3)Carter gettin the day started with a switch crook. Dudes good. I wish he would skate more. Carter.......skate.........more
Carter kickflip NYC (resized2) Carter- Kickflip. When we got to this spot there were some bodyguard dudes just chillin and kind of watchin us a bit, then they started speaking another language to each other, and then once i pulled out my camera equipment i heard one ask the other if he should say something to us. But the other dude said na. So they didnt say anything and then Carter is about shredd the gnar gnar and one of the Olsen twins( mary kate or ashley) walked out of the that door on the left. I think at first the dude thought i was paparazzi but quickly realized i wasnt.
hoommiesthen Keagan carved on a near by tree," the Olsen twins suck" hahaha
NYC  3 Carter and I apartment sat this place in China town for a week or so. Pretty rad view
NYC This is Keagen's place. He was nice enough to let Carter and I sleep there for a few nights. rad view of the Empire State Building out the window
NYC (2)George kickin it in the rain. He went back to LA a few days ago
NYC  4 Went to the "Back to the Banks" contest. Some dude got blunted
NYC  5
NYC  6 the run up madness
NYC  7 Banks were hectic hectic hectic so i broke out and got some b-fast and then walked back under the Brooklyn Bridge to el contest
NYC  8 preeeeeeettty nice day
NYC  9 snake run madness. This is Aaron Suski, you can kinda see him on the left, soooo many kids there
NYC  11hectic
NYC  12Alex Olsen got his ollie on
NYC  13 hectic
NYC  14 Nowadays i fan out on photographers rather than skaters haha this is Anthony Acosta, nice fellow and good photog, he staff for Skateboard Mag
NYC  16 Went to Manny Mania under the Manhattan bridge park. Chico was there gettin his manny on
NYC  17 Frosten and Igea shreddin the gnat gnar
NYC  18Wenning was there, but then he left before the contest started. they called his name and wenning was nowhere to be found. Pretty awesome
NYC  19 Frosten did the best trick but too bad he was the judge or he would have won
NYC  20 Welsh interview sesh
NYC  21Biebs interview sesh, started to rap Ja Rule lyrics on camera......again.....not really
NYC  22 ice cream break
NYC  23
took this on my ice cream break
NYC  24 Busenitz showed and skated super fast around the park, ran into like 3 people before he even got a trick in. Dude is sooo sick. This is him saying hello to Steve Williams
NYC  28 Bobby and Dill
NYC  29Busenitz and Janoski
NYC  31 lurks
NYC  32 Busenitz- back 180 to switch nose grind or 5-0 or whatever yo wanna call it
NYC  33hooooomies
NYC  34 yeahya

Monday, August 11, 2008


Photos from the past few weeks in NYC. Going to be here till the end of the month, then headed to San Francisco for who knows how long.
Anyways, Been skating and biking around the city a lot, been working a lot as well.
Met a lot rad people here since i have been here! One of them is Keegan. Hes from Australia. Hes here for the summer, hes rad! Got a lot of photos of Cater and him biking and skating and what not. Another we just met the other day, Carter, Keegan and i were going to skate this spot and meet this dude George there skating solo. Been kickin it with him quite a bit, hes from LA and here about another week or so.

and the way i uploaed the photos it made it tough to add captions so i only added a few captions

NYC 52
I got lost taking the train one day and ended up here with this view of the city. I couldnt complainNYC 1
NYC 8This was the roof to the first apt i stayed at when i got here. Carter was house sitting it for about a month, suppose to be for 2 months but the dude flaked out. It was on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Now we are bouncing around from place to place. We could go to Carter's place in Brooklyn but its much better to stay in the city. We are now house sitting our 3rd place. this one is in China town. Anyways, the roof had an amazing view of the city, we kicked up there a lot
The apt was on the 6th floor......and there was no was a tiring walk up at the end of the dayNYC 10
Williamsburg bridgeNYC 11
outside KCDC skateshop in BrooklynNYC 12
Carters hood in BrooklynNYC 14
This is the view from Keegan's place where he is staying in Manhattan. Rad view of the Chrysler buildingNYC 20
We bike around a lotNYC 21
NYC 22 (1)
NYC 22
NYC 23
Keegan is awesomeNYC 24
NYC 25who said thugs dont roller skate?
NYC 26
We house sat this place across the street from the last spot. but this one was giant, it even had a back yard, for New York a back yard is unheard ofNYC 26 (1)
Was going to go to a free MGNT concert in Brooklyn.....but......this is what the line looked like...... and it started to rain a few minutes after this. so we leftNYC 30
tNYC 31
NYC 32
NYC 33 (1)
NYC 34
NYC 35
NYC 41
break time where George is stayin NYC 37
NYC 38
NYC 39
NYC 40
NYC 42
Yeahhh GeorgeNYC 46
Yeahhhhh KeeganNYC 44
yeahhh GeorgeNYC 43
carter is gooood........really goodNYC 47
NYC 48
NYC 49
NYC 50
NYC 51
NYC 57
NYC 54
best way to get around the cityNYC 58
NYC 56
NYC 53h
NYC 55
NYC 59
NYC 60
NYC 62 Kid counting change