Sunday, September 14, 2008

San Francisco

Just moved out to SF a week ago with James Capps and Taylor Crandall. Its a rad city with tons to skate! Still tryin to learn my way around and find a job (which sucks). Heres a few photos from the past week. More coming soon!

SF 1Nice view to wake up to every morning
James-SF-ollie(edited-resozed) James- Ollie
Taylor-SF-b-s flip(edited-resized))Taylor- backside flip
James-SF-kickflip (edited2-cropped22)James-kickflip
SF 18
SF 4
James-SF- 5-0(edited2) old name; James Capps....... new name; James Malto
SF 13 love tap
SF 11
SF 14 Katrina......or Ike
SF 2 The apt
SF 3
SF 15
SF 5
SF 8


Trevor Vaughan said...

dude your new place look sick!! Have fun in San Fran

greg said...

seriously!!! guys know how to live. i gotta get out there. jeb yr pics are looking effin' surreal!

Clayton said...

Yo, dude. I got put up on your blog from the Prestige site. I'm a friend of Collin Clark's. I moved to SF from Boise in 2005. Holler if you want someone to show you around The City. Let's shred sometime.