Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally did a little shreddin with the dudes! Adam made a mini shred montage of Carter and I trying to skateboard! Yeahhhhh Adam!

Headed back to the Ukraine to do some photo work on Friday! Will have some photos of the trip up a.s.a.p yoo!

nyc_12-28-08 (3)
Skated the ledge right next to KCDC. rad ledge! Victory pound
nyc_12-28-08 (2)
i poached adam poaching carter's switch crook
nyc_12-28-08 (6)
this is adam's board
nyc_12-28-08 (5)
this is adam. He's awesome
nyc_12-28-08 (4) this is carter. He's awesome
nyc_12-28-08 (8)Xmas day shredd sesh
nyc_12-28-08 (9) 12th and A has ill ledges with tons of kids trying to skate them all at once.... usually. but not on xmas day. it was like 5 people! sooooo sick!
nyc_12-28-08 (7) i thought i felt a little something while shreddin, then i looked down and this was there
keags_me i stole this photo off this girls flickr. i dont even remember her taking it..... Keagen and I! Summer time! at what looks like max fish im guessing. Miss ya Keags!