Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rob Harris

The man behind the Rich Mahogany video and The Green Diamond



This is one of those times when a bunch of cops drive by you and dont care about what you are doing. I think one even said on his car intercom ," where did you guys learn how to skate?" as they laughed and drove by. But sometimes one of them stops and tells you that you cant do what you are doing. And they usually say that they told you the same thing last time you were there(even if you have never been at the spot before). Well thats exactly what these cops did. Then the continued on being awesome and gave everyone (about 8 people) summons to court for "reckless use of a skateboard" or something total cool lke that. But i didnt get one, cause it was my lucky day apparently. I was the last to give my I.D and as i was handing it to him he said," Keep it. Its your lucky day." So then i took a few photos and left quickly. Just in case he changed his mind.