Thursday, October 20, 2011

My old roof.


Lino Kosters said...

You had an incredible view back there! Who took this shot? I like the effect of the sunlight hitting the roof and the other buildings! So have you moved to another place? I'm sure you have a better roof now, but sometimes one can't help but miss the things of the old.

Herb Koguchi said...

Yeah, Lino’s right! The old roof kind of adds a historical effect to the scenery. It feels like a lot of memories were made on this roof, which in effect, tells a little bit about the city. I particularly like the fact that it’s slanting a bit to the west (that’s my guess based on the rather dim nature of the light), which makes it perfect for watching the sunset. The view must be pretty awesome from there too!

Galliena Gornet said...

Yup, Herb’s correct! The slope on the roof gives an impression that you’re safe from the perils of the city. Sentimental value aside, the roof clearly needed repairs, but I assume that’s been long done since this has been a year ago. Nevertheless, I hope you find your new roof as beautiful as the old one!

Roslyn Petermann said...

This picture showcases a dramatic sense! Nice shot! Anyway, Galliena’s right. No matter how many sentimental moments we’ve had in a place, time will come that we would have to replace and leave it. A nice new roof would indeed make you more cost-efficient, since you can avoid major costly repairs for a long time.

Roslyn Petermann