Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bye SF..... Hellllllo NYC

I made my way out east this morning....
Bye bye San Francisco and friends!
Thanks for the good times! I will hopefully see you all in the near future!

sf (1)
sf (2)

And this magazine that you see bellow , The Skateboard Mag, has an article in that i really liked so i figured i would mention it. And it doesnt matter if you are a skateboarder or not, the article is for anyone and everyone. The article is called, "Road to the Midnight Sun" by Jon Humphries( a skateboard mag staff photographer) Super rad article! only like 2 paragraphs! Go read it!! You'll be glad you did


P.M said...

Hey man, good to meet you briefly last night!

That article was actually sick. Good fucking call.

We should all shred sometime. I've been out of action for 2 months, so starting to get the itch...

JEB said...

yeah man it was good to meet you too!
been out 2 months? daaang then we have to shredd for sure man!

P.M said...

yeah man, got my heel sliced off by a ghetto deli door... long story...

Anyway hit me up an email and we'll get the shred on.

I use the word shred in it's loosest possible term, of course.

JEB said...

Whhhat? thats crazy man
hahah i use the word shred in the same way man haha
ill just give you my number and you can hit me up when you wanna shred yo!
my number is 208 880 8703
do you live in the city?

P.M said...

Radical. I live in Brooklyn with the ol' lady. Fort Greene.

I think I'm just about ready to try to skate so I'll hit you up when this bullshit weather is a little better.

That said it's nice and warm out!

917 514 2207

Anonymous said...

skillet home! i'm bummed i didn't get to come out and shred the hills with you before ya left... no worries, we will have to have session #2 at that spot in midtown in the near future!! hope all is well!! your photographs rip!

tell Carter I said, Hey dude!

Mel said...

Hey Jeb:
Just looking through your amazing photos, good work! I would love to see you in one of the city street shots so I can put you on my family wall in a cool shot. Keep skating and exploring the world, we live through your eyes. Love ya!
Aunt Lissa