Saturday, November 29, 2008


Havent been taking photos really. Been trying to get settled in to the apartment and working and all that good stuff but here is a few. Have some more from Thanksgiving day sesh around the city coming in a few days...hopefully

NYC (6)
A piece of central park

NYC (5)
Columbus circle
NYC (7)
Just roaming around the city solo style and found this place with a huge window that looks out into the park. Pretty awesome
NYC (8)
NYC (9)
Wondering around and ran into a little action. Someone tried to rob a store in the famous hotel, " Waldorf Astoria" and someone got shot i guess.
NYC (11) dudes not stoked
NYC (13)
NYC (15)
NYC (14)
NYC (18)Greg Goulet came to town
NYC (16) This is one of the locations of where Carter, Chase, and I work
NYC (17) This is Chase Chivers. A fellow Idaho native.
NYC (19) I didnt take much photos when Greg was here so i brought my camera one day we went to a few record shops and other places
NYC (20)
NYC (22)
NYC (23)

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Anonymous said...

some good records in that photo!