Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last few weeks in SF...... Moving to NYC in a couple days

Made the decison to move back to New York. I fly out on Monday night the 4th. Carter and I are going to be renting a apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan!.. Stoked!

SF (10)
Gonna miss this view
SF (6)
bay bridge. You can see it in the photo above also
SF (7)
This is my friend Julie. Her and i roam around the city and check things out. Shes from Korea. Her real name is something like "Hyemin" but her "American" name is Julie. She is here in San Francisco studying english for a few months. Super rad girl!
SF (18)
Greg Goulet and Colin Clark made a nice vist. Greg for a few days and Colin for a week. Colin is filming the new Prestige video, so he came out here to get some footage. I tried to bueno. But Taylor and James shut it down. Video is suppose to be out next month i believe.
SF (20)
SF (19)
SF (21)
Yeahhhhh Gregulator!
SF (14)
styles for miles
SF (15)
SF (16) Dude party
SF (17)
We skated the usual spots....per usual. Good things the spots are fun yo! Maybe a few more photos SF coming. I still have a few days.

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